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The world is dominated by three factions. The Globalists, the fascists and the Muslim caliphate. but these factions are not one monolithic organization but a lot of smaller state like governments that have similar philosophy’s. Just because two faction states are from the same faction does not mean that they are friendly to each other. The Muslim Sunni and Shea groups are a good example of this.

The corporate structure of Mercenary land can be described with one word, MONOPOLY. when you boil it down there are only about half a dozen corporations. Called the Big Six. Each of these corporations may have thousands of subsidies, but every Major technical field is dominated by one of the Big Six.

for example, land with a uranium mine might have several factions fighting for it. But there is only one cooperation that has the technical capability to operate the mine. So who ever ends up winning the war will still have to go to the same cooperation to operate the mine.

The Big Six also have so much power over the faction governments that all of them have written giant loop holes into their tax codes. This means that the Big Six don’t pay taxes to any world government. So they do not have any interest in any of the conflicts across the globe

Corporate subsidies on the other hand, have to deal directly to the faction governments. They are the ones that sell food, medical supplies or weapons to them and the CMCs that they hire. So they have to pick sides. If the government that they sell to is toppled than they will have lost a large percentage of their gross profits for the year.

Fortunately for Corporate subsidies everywere, direct warfare between faction governments is almost completely unheard of. With the proliferation of nuclear weapons no government would invade another for fear of nuclear reprisal. And as long as the faction government is licensed by the Central Holdings Bank they are protected form invasion by the CMCs that they hire to fight their proxy wars for them.

Main Page

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