Mercenary land is a campaign about a world that is controlled by three factions. The globalists, the fascists, and the Muslim caliphate. Each of these three factions fights proxy wars using private Mercenary armies called Contract military company’s Or C.M.C.s

The three factions use these wars to boost the GDP and lower unemployment for their county’s. But the real reason to maintain the constant state of war is control. Each faction uses the threat of the enemy to keep their citizens afraid. The citizens than will except any hardship that they must face to “defeat the enemy.” An added bonus to using C.M.Cs is that the citizens don’t really care how long the war lasts because their not the ones dieing.

In the end non of the factions really care who wins the many wars that the mercenaries fight. The corporations subsidiaries that make the war materials pay taxes to the state. The state pays C.M.C.s to fight pointless wars. And the C.M.Cs buy more and more war materials from the corporations so that they can continue to pay taxes. Everybody wins as long as the Mercenaries keep fighting.

The main weapon on the modern battle field are Mobile power armor suits called “Combat Armor Systems” affectionately known as Cans. A solder in side a Can is protected from small arms fire plus can carry enough fire power to take on anything short of a MBT. The standard armament for a Can is a .50 caliber automatic rifle with either a shoulder mounted grenade launcher or a rack of anti-tank rockets. Still with their High profile and vulnerability to anti-tank weapons, some Can pilots call them walking coffins.

The players take on the role of solders in a very small C.M.C. In this world the life of a mercenary is the only way that any one born to the lower class can hope to have any type of future. They get payed cash for each missions but they will also be on the hook for maintenance cost plus any excess ammo that they use. Money comes and money goes If you live long enough you might just make the big score. If not you’ll get a shallow grave and a letter sent to your mother.

Mercenary Land